Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miss Krimson and Kreme Sweetheart Highlight

Samm SloMo Mallory
Sweetheart Hopeful

age: 20
Hometown: Jonesboro, LA
Platform: Make a Wish Foundation

Why I like her: Samm is the type of young lady that everyone loves.  She's got an amazingly unique personal style that carries through to her very core. Samm loves the stage and knows how to work it!
Why she can win: Miss Mallory can win because she knows exactly who she is inside. She puts her heart on the stage and everything that she does. She's an authentic person that the judges will fall in love with from the very first moment. She's real.


  1. Great Pic!!!! and great pose!!!

  2. Sammie is awesome and became our first Miss Krimson & Kreme Sweetheart 2010! She really worked her magic on the stage :)